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Babalu Bad Boy

Richie Rich

6am - 10am

Started at 102JAMZ in Orlando, FL in the early 90’s. I was hired to do the mix-shows only on the weekends (The Thunderstorm), then I moved up to hosting and mixing my own show from 10pm to 2am. Then I took my talents to Miami on POWER96 from 6pm to 10pm from 1998 to 2005. Hosting concerts, live remotes, and nightclub broadcasts all over South Beach and more. In 2006 I took an On-Air position from 6pm to 10pm at X1023 West Palm Beach. I eventually moved to the morning show from 6am to 10am where I started getting more into the sales and promotions aspect of radio.


Currently, I’m the Program Director and Morning Show Host of YO1071 in West Palm Beach. Now I get to apply all the skills I have learned throughout my radio career, (sales, promotions, production, branding, social media presence, seo, geo-mapping, mixing, on-air, live remotes, hosting concerts, nightclubs broadcasts, etc.) to the brand new radio station taking over South Florida...YO107.1FM

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